Dołącz do klubu ChessStars i wygrywaj nagrody!

Dołączając do klubu możesz walczyć o nagrody w naszych turniejach. Dodatkowo urządzamy wydarzenia gdzie zbierając punkty rywalizujesz z innymi o nagrody główne i odbierasz nagrody gwarantowane.


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  • Create an account on ChessStars
  • Access to club events
    By registering on our website and joining our club on chess.com, you can take part in club competitions and compete for prizes with other club members.


  • Add a username from chess.com
  • Possibility to collect points
    After adding your chess.com username, you will receive 1 point for each ranking game you win. Collect points and compete with others for guaranteed prizes.


  • Become a premium user on chess.com by registering on our recommendation
  • Exchange points for prizes
    If you purchase a premium account on chess.com from our referral link, we will receive a commission for this and we will have funds for development, and you can immediately exchange the points you have earned for prizes in our store.

    If you already have a premium account, nothing is lost! Before extending your premium, simply click on our link.

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