About ChessStars

Welcome to the world of ChessStars - a place where the passion for chess meets the spirit of competition and community. Our platform, born out of love for this timeless game, is dedicated to both experienced masters and those who are just starting their chess adventure.

Our Mission

At ChessStars, we believe that chess is not just a game, but a way to develop, educate and build relationships. Our goal is to create a global, accessible and comprehensive platform that connects players from all over the world, regardless of their skill level. We strive to ensure that everyone can discover their passion for chess and develop it in a friendly, supportive environment.

What we offer

  • Online and Live Tournaments: We organize a wide range of tournaments. Our online tournaments played on the Chess.com platform allow you to compete in the comfort of your home, while live tournaments provide unforgettable emotions and the opportunity to meet other chess enthusiasts.
    We organize regular online tournaments, but we are also working on a series of stationary tournaments. One has already taken place in Krakow. A report from the Polish Chess Tour can be seen on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAIo9m5osxQ

  • Support for Players: We are proud that we can support and promote talented chess players. We offer training programs, mentoring and financial support for those who want to represent ChessStars in the chess arena.
    One of the young players we support took 8th place in the Semi-Finals of the Polish Junior Championships in 2023.

  •  Cooperation with the Organizers: We actively cooperate with the organizers of chess tournaments – online and live. Thanks to this, we can offer our users even more opportunities to play and develop.
    We supported, among others, competitions such as:
    Folga Summer Cup (2023) – live tournament
    Łódź Online Chess League (2023)

  • Community: ChessStars is not only a gaming platform, but above all a community. We create a space where you can share experiences, learn from each other and make new friends.

  • Rewards for our players: By participating in our competitions, you have a chance to win many interesting prizes. You can also compete for guaranteed prizes for each new competitor who registers on our website.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment in which every chess fan, regardless of age, origin or skill level, can develop their passion. We want ChessStars to be synonymous with innovation, excellence and community in the world of chess.

Join us

We invite you to join our growing community. Whether you are an experienced chess player or just starting your adventure, ChessStars offers you a space to learn, compete and share your passion. Together we create the future of chess.

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